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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Phased array ultrasonic systems utilized multi-element probes, which are individually excited under computer control. By exciting each element in a controlled manner, a focused beam of ultrasound can be generated. Software enables the beam to be steered. Two and three dimensional views can be generated showing the sizes and locations of any flaws detected.


  • PAUT is the world‘s most popular detection methods.

  • Detect rate is very fast.

  • Can be located and measured the amount of defects with high accurate.

  • Professional analysis software that improved the detection rate.

  • PAUT methods can replace all of the conventional UT, and part of the RT.

  • Record detection can be kept in forever.

  • PAUT have focused function that can improve image resolution.

  • Can test a lot of other NDT in currently which tradition method undetectable.